Dr. Narender Rohilla

About Us

Dr. Narender Rohilla is an industrious and dedicated Orthopaedic Surgeon who has experienced every aspect of orthopedics medicine in his pulses. He delves deep into the said area of medicine and keeps researching and synchronizing one aspect with the other. This innovative and creative attitude makes him an excellent doctor who has reached the pinnacle of glory within a short span of his career.

Dr. Narender Rohilla is a nationally and internationally renowned surgeon and an alumnus of the premier institute of India, All India Institute of Medical Sciences

Dr. Narender's area of specialization includes the medical and surgical management of Knee and Hip arthritis. He is very proficient in Adult Joint Reconstruction Procedures (Joint Replacements including Primary as well as Revision surgeries) with a vast experience of more than 5000  Knee, Hip, and Shoulder replacement surgeries in his career.

Besides Joint Replacement (Knee, Hip, Shoulder), Dr. Narender also has gathered an expertise in Arthroscopy i.e. Keyhole surgery (Knee, Shoulder), in common surgeries for trauma (Open Reduction, Nailing, Plating), and in Pelvic Acetabular Reconstructions for Acetabular fractures.

He has undergone specialized training in his area of expertise from several institutes abroad. In South Korea, he trained in ‘Knee Replacement'. He followed it with various ‘AO courses including master courses of ankle,pelvis and acetabular reconstruction.

He is one of the very few Orthopaedic surgeons who practises the technique of Minimally Invasive Fracture Reconstruction for indicated fractures with excellent results.

Dr Narender Rohilla's experience is his treasure that has given excellent results to his patients and continues to do so.