If you are a youngster witnessing some pain in the knees or other joints while doing a few
activities, it is time to pay attention and take care of your bone health. You must visit an
Orthopedician (bone doctor) if the pain is unbearable or restricting your daily activities. In
case the pain is just enough for you to ignore it, build a lifestyle taking care of your health.
Bone-related problems cause over 8.9 million fractures every year. This implies that one
person is suffering a fracture every 3 seconds globally. To decrease this number and to take
care of bone health, every individual must follow the basic precautions of bone care. At
Sanjeevni Plus Hospital, we make sure to guide each individual about bone health care.
Protecting and caring for your bones is more straightforward than one might think. If a
person has a good lifestyle, consciously consumes a healthy diet and includes physical
activities in their daily regime they can enjoy healthy bones until the end.
Why is bone health important?
Taking care of the bones from childhood is essential because bones are an important part of
the body. They play a significant role in protecting the organs, storing calcium, and
anchoring the muscles.
Bones are witnessing a continuous change in every person’s body. The old bone breaks
down, and new bone is created. When our body is young, the bone gets made faster.
However, after a certain age especially over 30, a person loses more bone mass than it
gains. Hence, the higher your bone mass, the fewer problems you will likely face in old age.
How can you take care of Bone health?

  • Increase Calcium Intake-

To ensure good bone health, you must take enough calcium regularly. You can get plenty of
calcium from almonds, kale, soy products, dairy products, broccoli, etc.

  •  Ensure Good amounts of Vitamin D-

Your body can absorb calcium only if it has enough vitamin D. Some good sources of vitamin
D include eggs, mushrooms, milk, cereals, fish, etc. Further, being in the morning sunlight
for some time also increases vitamin D in your body.

  •  Exercise Regularly-

Make physical activity a part of your daily routine. It can include walking, jogging, climbing,
weight-lifting, and others.

  •  Avoid Substances-

Minimize the intake of alcohol and smoking for good bone health.
To check your bone health, visit Sanjeevni Plus Hospital and get expert consultation.
One step towards your health can enhance your future many folds.