Why Do You Experience Knee Pain? There are various causes of knee pain. Here are some of them:

  1. One of the common causes of knee pain is the wretched disease named Arthritis. Osteoarthritis, septic arthritis, post-traumatic arthritis and gout are the different types of arthritis that result in severe knee pains. So if you have come from a family which has had instances if arthritis in their medical history, then be sure that knee pains will come to visit you at some point.
  2. Another disease that causes knee pain is called bursitis. This occurs because the fluid that cushions a joint slowly dries up causing friction in your knee bones. This usually happens because of kneeling for long periods.
  3. Tendonitis also causes knee pains. Due to extreme exhaustion, the tendons swell causing extreme knee pains.
  4. One more cause of knee pain is haemarthrosis. This is basically the state when there is internal bleeding in your knee which causes it to bruise and swell and also become stiff.
  5. But the most common reason of knee pain is the dislocation of the knee cap. Putting the whole body’s weight or twisting the foot in the wrong direction are the reasons for the knee cap dislocation.

How Should You Treat Your Knee Pains? The best way to treat your injured knee is to move it as less as possible. Do not put any extra pressure on the injured knee. Another thing that works wonders on knee pains are ice packs. Try using ice packs at least three to four times a day as see how fast it gives you positive results and gets you back on your feet. Painkillers also help. But if none of this work, you should seek medical help.

How Should You Prevent Knee Pains? You cannot totally prevent knee pains but you can at least try it. The best way is to keep your body fit. Shed all the extra weight because knee pains are often a side effect of obesity. Lots of stretching and exercise also helps to keep knee pain at bay. But don’t go overboard with the exercise.

So look after your knee and try to keep the pains at bay. Stay healthy and fit and arm yourself with all the prevention so that none of the diseases causing knee pain can touch you!