Sanjeevani plus Hospital has practical experience in the treatment of patients who require intense injury care. Experienced and qualified staff is accessible nonstop to manage any sort of injury patient.

Injury and injury can influence the bones, joints, muscles, and connective tissues. Injury can happen from high or low powers, for example, those accomplished throughout a fall or engine vehicle crash. A powerful effect can cause broken bones or connective tissue injury.

An assortment of fracture types can happen from horrendous wounds, going from straightforward fractures that require just projecting or supporting to complex fractures that need careful mediation. Sanjeevani plus Hospital has the specific skill to deal with fractures and horrendous wounds. After cautiously assessing your condition, our thoughtful specialists will formulize a custom treatment plan only for you. Our muscular specialists are knowledgeable about both conventional and the most progressive techniques.

At sanjeevani plus Hospital, you are rarely only a number. Truth be told, your wellbeing is our main concern and we show that by giving individualized merciful consideration.

These days, everybody is encountering injury and fractures. Sadly, they can affect your life in the event that not treated on time.

Injury surgery is characterized as the specialization in surgery that spotlights on the treatment and care of wounds that are much of the time perilous. It is brought about by influence powers like auto collisions, falls, sports and pulverize wounds, as well as discharge or cut injuries. For such horrible surgery, injury Surgeons are answerable for escaping you from extreme torment and making your life again typical.

Fractures, otherwise called broken bones, are one the most widely recognized issues seen and treated, among all age gatherings, by muscular specialists. The most widely recognized are hip fractures, ankle endlessly fractures of the long bones in the lower and upper legs.


Many sorts of fractures might expect surgery to appropriately mend:-

The most common include:

• Femur (Thighbone) Fracture

• Shoulder Fracture

• Hip Fracture